industry and economic development in London, Paris and Glasgow. Now I live in Newburgh Fife, Scotland, where I share a studio
My primary school introduced me to Titian and Cézanne, and although my education led me into science, I kept a fascination with the world of art.  As soon as I graduated, I bought a set of oil paints and I have never looked back.  At first I wanted to fix images that came in dreams and memories, and then to explore surrealism, and I still like to give some of my subjects a slightly surreal quality.   I have been fascinated by the rounded hills, dark woods and agricultural patterns of North Fife, the rich colours and textures of central France and the exuberant sensuality of the Scottish Contemporary Dance Theatre.  

My landscapes are mostly in acrylics, but preparatory sketches in pastels are sometimes as good as the finished painting. I like to experiment and as a novice potter I found that  the work seemed to evolve in its own way, into something richer and stranger than my original concept.  More recently I have painted on silk cushion covers and scarves. Silk painting allows an immediacy,  lightness and movement that I have found nowhere else.

Everything  displayed here is for sale. Prices are shown in pounds sterling, but euros or US dollars are acceptable at current exchange rates.  To arrange a purchase, to make an enquiry, or just to make contact, please click this link:  art@goose-island.com.  Click here to go back to the Gallery.

Art of Paul Dodman
I was born in Northampton, England but spent my childhood in  Lancashire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and South Yorkshire.  I went to University in St Andrews  then worked in